Staying ahead of the competition is a problem every modern attorney faces.  The best law practice management softwares can help you do just that.

Here are the management softwares you can find in 2021, plus a few additional tools that can help make your life a little easier.

The Best Law Firm Practice Software (In 2021)

Here is the best law practice management software on the market in 2021. We review a few options so you can make the right choice for your business needs.

Best Case Management Software

Our choice: Smokeball

Law firm management software helps your team manage daily workflow, cut down on administrative tasks and streamline business operations. Many firms use this sort of tech to  effectively run their entire operation. 

The problem is, there are hundreds of software solutions, and many aren’t that good. You want something that’s easy to set up and use for your employees. Otherwise the purpose of buying software to simplify your lif goes right out the window.

Smokeball tops our list of recommendations because it was designed to help prevent lawyers from losing money on their billable hours. It’s an awesome lawyer productivity tool, especially if your firm or certain employees bill hourly.

Best Salesforce Law Management Software

Our Choice: Litify

Litify is a great choice for your law firm for several reasons. For starters, it’s highly customizable. You can select from a number of products that upgrade your management software, as well as communications and document generation.

It’s also built directly into the Salesforce platform, making it an easy integration if you’re already on there. They promote that switching to Litify will be your company’s “last migration” ever.

Best Law Management Software for Growing Practices

Our Choice: Clio

Software is only worth the investment if it can grow with your company. Many law firms have changed how they operate since the start of the pandemic. Some have gone completely remote, while others have actually grown their business a staggering amount.

Clio is a fantastic platform with built-in features that allow it to grow as your law firm does. Their cloud-based client intake software helps you attract and retain new customers.

They also service a wide range of lawyers, including civil litigation, estate planning, and personal injury law.

The Best No-Nonsense Management Software for Lawyers

Our Choice: Filevine

Today, too much technology is built on the promise of bells and whistles. Some law firms don’t need (or just aren’t interested in) all the perks or features of their management software. They simply need something that’s reliable, safe, and organized.

Over 20,000 companies use Filevine. It’s a no-nonsense solution to meet your business needs. It comes with all the features you need to run a law firm without any of the “hype” surrounding other pieces of software.

Other Helpful Tools For Lawyers

Additionally, here are some other help tools you might consider in 2021.

Best PDF Conversion Software for Lawyers

Best choice: Adobe Acrobat Pro

Being able to easily generate PDFs is essential for the modern lawyer. PDFs are universally accessible across Mac and PC computers and can easily be attached to emails or submitted through an online portal. They’re also the most common document type used in business and law.

There are free PDF conversion softwares out there, but none suitable for large legal teams. Many require you to watch an ad to download your rendered PDF or limit the number of documents you can convert before you have to pay.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is our choice in 2021 because it comes with a ton of other useful tools attorneys need to do their jobs. You can easily create PDFs as well as e-sign documents. Plus, Adobe’s creative cloud offers affordable solutions for small businesses as well as company-wide integrations.

Best Secure Online Communication Software

Best choice: ShareScape

Many attorneys use online file sharing tools like Dropbox, Google Docs and OneDrive to send and receive client data.

Unfortunately, these online portals weren’t designed for sending sensitive legal documents (such as sharing medical records in a personal injury claim). In reality, all of these file sharing platforms have had myriad security breaches in the past. 

You could email client information, but HIPAA has made it very clear that unless you take additional security measures, such using end-to-end encryption on your messages, regular email is not HIPAA-compliant.

What you really need is a secure online file sharing system with end-to-end encryption. This protects your clients data and protects you from any legal problems.

We might be biased, but few products match the security features and seamless integration of ShareScape. If you’re a personal injury attorney or your law firm works with medical providers, this tool was designed exactly for you.

Best Law Practice Software Tools In 2021

The modern lawyer or legal team can stay ahead of his or her competition by investing in the right technology for their business.

All of these law practice software tools will help you save time, bill more hours and protect yourself legally in 2021 and beyond.

Request a demo of ShareScape today to see how we help connect attorneys to medical providers with our safe and secure online portal.